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Animals Hit the Headlines - a Brainstorm

My pet/Pets

Animal in War


Rescue Dogs/Military Dogs

Aid Dogs/Service Dogs

Test Animals

Pilot Whaling

Sheep Herding


Animal Cruelty

Competition Dogs/Animals

Horseriding/Horse Girls

Dog Training

Animals in Cartoons

Famous Animals in History

First Animal In Space

The Importance of pets/animals

Circus Animals

Animals and People

Spy Animals

Inventions and Animals

Extinct Animals

Ice Age

Work Dogs (drugs, corpses etc)

Therapy Animals


Animals as Food

(Animal Food)

Animals & Diseases

Sea Life and Pollution

Animals in Caring Homes


Faroese Animal Myths & Legends

Animals in Fairy Tales

Animal Symbolism/Aesop Fables


CNN10 - listening exercises, making comprehension questions & learning and understanding new words.

  • Make a summary of one of the three clips in your English notebook.
  • Write three comprehension questions on tne text/clip.
  • Write at least three words, that you learned from the clip and define them.

Grrlz & Ladz

Texts: True Friend, Boys don´t cry, Fight shyness and Ask Alysia. Write down the answers to the following questions.

- what´s the topic and the presented problem(s)?

- how are the presented problems gender related?

- in which way do you recognise yourselves in any of the mentioned topics/problems - which and how?

Dictation 2

Animals Hit the Headlines

The first oral assignment of the year was well executed. Oral presentations of various urban legends, some even presented with beautiful Power Points. We heard about The Yeti, Bloody Mary, the myth of the Seal Woman, Teke Teke, Big Foot, Walking Sam and The Hanging Munchkin. Interesting stories! 

We will continue reading about different animal myths and legends. 

Animal myths and legends - 8 September

Groups working on Animal myths and legends:

1. Why The Owl Has Big Eyes - Sandra, Maria, Katrin Emilia, Elias, Hákun.

2. The Ungrateful Tiger - Jens Martin, Børka, Hanna, Kristin.

3. Why Bat Has No Friends - Linda, Jónas, Birita, Dóra, Eryk.

4. How Butterflies Came To Be - Bella, Hans, Teresa, Kristian.

5. The Boy Who Loved Bears - Uni, Ragnar, Elisa, Meta, Levi.