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Animals Hit the Headlines

The first oral assignment of the year was well executed. Oral presentations of various urban legends, some even presented with beautiful Power Points. We heard about The Yeti, Bloody Mary, the myth of the Seal Woman, Teke Teke, Big Foot, Walking Sam and The Hanging Munchkin. Interesting stories! 

We will continue reading about different animal myths and legends. 

Animal myths and legends - 8 September

Groups working on Animal myths and legends:

1. Why The Owl Has Big Eyes - Sandra, Maria, Katrin Emilia, Elias, Hákun.

2. The Ungrateful Tiger - Jens Martin, Børka, Hanna, Kristin.

3. Why Bat Has No Friends - Linda, Jónas, Birita, Dóra, Eryk.

4. How Butterflies Came To Be - Bella, Hans, Teresa, Kristian.

5. The Boy Who Loved Bears - Uni, Ragnar, Elisa, Meta, Levi.