Book Bento about Oliver Twist
Book Bentos are visual representations that reflect actual parts of the story, or representations of a theme or concept.

Gather 4 - 8 objects that hold meaning/represent something in the book. (Don't use the cover)
Assemble the items. Consider background,color, spacing, placement of objects,
Take a square photograph. (You can make the image even more beautiful by bringing it into your favorite image editing program for enhancement.)
Send your book Bento to nina.brockie@skulin.fo


Make a presentation of your grammer subject

You might….

-    Find a short film about it

-    Make a PowerPoint, Pictogram, Poster (planche)

-    Explain on the whiteboard

You have to…

-    Use max 8 min for your explanation

-    Find an exercise for the class to do (Your teacher can help you)

Use “Lær teg enskt!” You might use the internet, youtube etc.

Verbs (auxiliary verbs, the modal verb) Emma S.

Nouns (singular and plural, countable and uncountable nouns) Emma B

Adjectives Jens Marius

The comparison Gertrud

Conjunctions Sarah

Adverbs Kári

Apostrof (´) s Teitur, Rói

Punktuation Símun

The imperative Johanna, Lukas

Ing form (gerund or the infinitive) Hildebet

Munur á enskari og amerikanskari stavseting Torbjørn

The active voice Kristian

Possessive  reflective pronouns Brynja





You have to write an essay and hand it in on the 12 of May. This is what you have to do:

Write a short summary of the book "The fault in our stars". It has to be short!

Then write about the two main characters Hazel and Augustus. Make a character description of each individual.

Choose one of the themes of the book. Here are some ideas: Young love, life with an serious illness, death, friendship, family ect.

Discuss the themes you have chosen.

You have to make a catchy ending.

Write at least one page in word. Not more than one page. Use times new roman and the letter size 12. 

Essay - You have to hand it in before the 19 of February, if you want a responce to help you with your exams in week 9. Those of you who haven't got the printed version of the essay subjects - they should be in your drawer. Good luck. 

Write at least one page, letters size 12 and distance 1,5. Write using Times new roman.


Framseting til 15. Jan

You have to chose one of these subjects:
A) My Diary
B) Competition
C) Human Rights

Use Times New Roman size 12. Line space 1,5. Write at least one page.

You have to send it to: nina.brockie@skulin.fo by 12.00 pm on the 15 of january.

When you write an essay you have to think of some things. Have a look at these ideas:

  • Decide on your topic, if it isn't given to you
  • Prepair an outline or diagram of your ideas
  • Write your thesis statement
  • Write the body. Write the main points. Write the subpoints
  • Write the introduction
  • Write the conclusion
  • Add the finishing touches

Vit fara at lesa hetta meistaraverkið hjá Roald Dahl. Bókin fæst sum ljóðbók, t.v.s at til ber at lesa og lurta samstundis. Roald Dahl er heimskendur rithøvundur og hevur hann skrivað nógvar bøkur til børn. Hann hevur harumframt eisini skriva yrkingar, handrit o.a. Sí her:

Roald Dahl