This is our English page. Here you will find information on our everyday work in English.

Mondays we will work in "Mandy on Holiday" and workbook.

Thursdays we will work in "Let´s do it". 

We will sing English songs, sing songs about the alphabet, weekdays, months, numbers etc. We will also read English books on www.oxforowl.co.uk, play different games, have small presentations and a lot more. 


1.     The ball is on the floor. It is a red ball. The baby looks at the ball. The cat looks at the ball. The cat is black. The cat walks over to the ball. The cat hits the ball. The baby smiles. 

2.     The window is open. It is a warm day. The air smells like bread. It smells like fresh bread. It smells good. It makes the boy hungry. He makes a sandwich. He eats the sandwich.

3.     The boy puts on his socks. He puts on his shoes. He walks to the front door.  He pulls the door open. He steps outside. He walks to the corner. He sees his friend. He waves to his friend.

4.     The dog barks. It likes to bark. The bird sings. It likes to sing. The dog and bird are noisy. The fish says nothing. The turtle says nothing. The mouse says nothing. They are quiet.

5.     Bob picks up the ball. He throws the ball. Bill catches the ball. Bill throws the ball back. Bob catches the ball. Bob throws the ball to Bill. He catches the ball.

6.     She takes a cookie. She drops the cookie. It falls on the floor. The cookie breaks. She picks up the pieces. She takes them to the kitchen. She takes another cookie.

7.     The cat licks its paws. The cat licks its belly. The dog licks its paws. The dog licks its belly. The cat lies in the grass. The dog lies in the grass. The cat rolls onto its back. The dog rolls onto its back. The cat and dog do things together.

8.     He is hungry. He wants something to eat. He sees hot dogs. Six hot dogs. He takes two hot dogs out of the refrigerator. He closes the refrigerator. He puts the hot dogs on a plate.

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