Enskt 7.a


Oliver Twist

  • Describe the main characters. Use the text to help you
  • What is the usual meaning of the following words: Fang, dodge, grim, wig, bumble, corney, sourberry (sowerberry)
  • How does Charles Dickens use words like these to describe his characters more clearly?
  • "Despite this tender Christian care by the Christian authorites, Oliver did reach his ninth birthday..." (page 5, line 2) What does this tell us about C.D. view of the authorities in those days?
  • In which ways does C.D. support and critize the values of his time?
  • Finish the sentence "You are poor when..."
  • Finish the sentence "You are rich when..."


Book Bento

Book Bentos are visual representations that reflect actual parts of the story, or representations of a theme or concept.

  • Gather 4 - 8 objects that hold meaning/represent something in the book. (Don't use the cover)
  • Assemble the items. Consider background,color, spacing, placement of objects,
  • Take a square photograph. (You can make the image even more beautiful by bringing it into your favorite image editing program for enhancement.)

Send your Book Bento to rudi.olsen@skulin.fo 


Book Bento Examples


1. Video & Computer Games: Dortea, Brandur, Mattias B

 2. Boys don´t cry: Rói, Mattias K., Sjúrður

3. A true friend: Gilli, Rókur, Hørður

4. The ballerina boy; Jodvig, Andrea, Ester

5. World of Warcraft: Hugin, Tummas, Xhoel, Christian

6. Ladz: Sigrid, Fríðunn, Maria

7. Holes: Ukraine, Vár, Markus