19. okt.

Loys uppgávu 1 ella 4 á s. 36-37 í Task Book.

1. It Happens

Have you ever misunderstood something or someone? Think about an episode and write down keywords or phrases about it. Be prepared to talk about/present the episode to the class. The questions below can help you:

When was it? Who was involved? What happened? What did you do? What were the consequences? How did you feel? Did you talk about it afterwards? Did you understand each other in the end?

4. Rites of Passage

The walkabout is an Aboriginal rite of passage. Other cultures have different ceremonies to mark the transition from teenager to adult. 

Brainstorm on how many you know. Search the internet or library. Pick one and find as many facts about it as you can. Be prepared to present your findings to the class. 

Enskur stílur um "Hunger" (Pit Stop p. 21-23)

Vel eina av hesum uppgávum:


1.     Dear Richard

 Write a letter from Richard`s mother to Richard on his 21st birthday, explaining what she did and how she felt.

 Include facts from the story, but use your imagination to fill in the things you are not told.

 Helpful hints:

-       How did she feel leaving her children alone all day

-       What was it like not letting Richard inside after the second beating?

-       What made her tell Richard to fight?


2.     The most important lesson

Comment on the statement: “I´m going to teach you tonight to stand up for yourself and fight”.

Then write about an experience you`ve had with “standing up for yourself”. You have to include how this experience has affected you.

Helpful hints:

-       What does “standing up for yourself” mean?

-       Why did she want him to stand up for himself?


3.     Chores

Write about your thoughts on chores. You must also include your thoughts on Richards chores.

Helpful hints:

-       Why do children/teenagers get chores? 

-       Should children/teenagers get chores? Why, when, what?

-       Pros and cons of chores



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