Tíðir til próvtøku.

Møtið stundisliga, minst 15 minuttir áðrenn tíð!


kl 08.15   Elias

kl 08.40   Ári

kl 09.05   Hildur

kl 09.30   Teinar


kl 10.15   Fríði

kl 10.40   Sofus

kl 11.05   Helgi

kl 11.30   Lucas


kl 12.15   Bjarta

kl 12.40   Markus

kl 13.05   Martin

kl 13.30   Girts


kl 14.15   Odd

kl 14.40   Lea

kl 15.05   Torkil

kl 15.30   Veronica


Oral exam in english

Everything must be in english

First you present yourself

Then you present your chosen subject, why you chose it.

Talk about your subject for about 5 - 7 minnutes, follow the plan you handed the teacher (framløguætlan)

After that you draw a text from the list.

Normally you are to read 4 - 5 lines of the text, then give a short summary of the text and compare it to other texts or something you have seen or something you can relate to.

The exam lasts about 15 minuttes.



Coming of Age:

The Importance of Getting my Licence s. 8 - 11

Get a Job s. 14 - 15

What´s Eating Gilbert Grape s. 16 - 17

Dicing with Death on SA Trains s. 18 - 19



Tracy´s Travel Blog s. 68 - 71

Canyon of Gold s. 73 - 75

Solvang s. 76 - 77

Al Capone Does my Shirts s. 78 - 81

Land of Disaster s. 84 -85

The Governator s. 86 - 87



Children have Rights too s. 92 - 93

Animal Farm s. 94 - 95

The Stolen Generation s. 100 - 101

GPS´s Help Parents Track Teens 104 - 105



BFF s. 118

Have you Hugged your Robot Today? s. 124 - 125



Percy Jackson book rewiew!


Make a video, where you talk about the book. It must be in english of course!

What you have to talk about:

1) The storyline

2) What is the main character like?

3) How does he find out that he is a demigod and how does it change his life?

4) What kind of story is this?

5) What other stories can it be compared to?

6) If you have seen the film, what is the difference between the book and the film? Why do you think they change the story, when they make it into a film?

7) Your opinion. Give reason for your opinion!


Send the video by mail: gudrid.r.joensen@skulin

or with messenger

Guðrið Reinert Joensen

English Essay 

Enski stílurin skal latast inn mánadagin 04.10.

Tit skulu velja tykkum eina av myndunum niðanfyri at skriva um. Myndin skal setast inn í stílin.

Uppgávuorðingin er løgd inn niðanfyri. Stílurin skal vera í minsta lagi 1 síðu og í mesta lagi 2 síður. Skriftin skal vera stødd 12, og millumrúmið skal vera 1,5.  Minnist til inngang og útgang.Navn skal vera á stílinum.  Yvirskrinftin skal vera Parallel universe!

- Be Bold :) 


What you have to do:

• Describe the picture (composition, colouring etc.)
• What feelings does the picture convey and how?
• What is your opinion of the picture?

Myndir til stílin 04.10.2021

Helpful words and phrases to describe a picture


You can read or lsten to Matilda while looking in the book.

After each chapter write a short summary in your notebook.




Book Bento
Book Bentos are visual representations that reflect actual parts of the story, or representations of a theme or concept.

Gather 4 - 8 objects that hold meaning/represent something in the book. (Don't use the cover unless you have the original cover)
Assemble the items. Consider background,color, spacing, placement of objects,
Take a square photograph. (You can make the image even more beautiful by bringing it into your favorite image editing program for enhancement.)
Send your Book Bento to gudrid.r.joensen@skulin.fo 



Book bento exampels